The Green American Home Roofing Warranty

Roofing warranties are an interesting thing. With most items we buy, we fully expect the product to outlast the warranty. For example, if someone told you that your car would be a bucket of bolts after the 36 month warranty expires or that your new flat screen television will no longer work after its 90 day warranty, you’d be aghast! Yet, folks are buying composition shingle roofs every day with warranties for 40 0r 50 years or even a lifetime, knowing full well that the shingles will never last that long! In fact, the average life expectancy is well under 20 years in most parts of North America and we all know that shingles aren’t suddenly being made better than they have been in the past!

At its core, a warranty is a contract between the buyer and the warranty issuer. It says “If (this) happens, then we will do (that) as recourse.” Warranties are written by most manufacturers to minimize their liability with exclusions and limitations. We have even seen trends toward roofing warranties that don’t transfer or perhaps only transfer once. We have seen “lifetime” warranties that actually begin to pro-after after a couple of years. We have even seen a warranty that is capped by a dollar amount that is about 1/3 the roof’s original cost! And, worse yet, most warranties cover only “manufacturer’s defects” – meaning that if you can’t prove that they made a mistake in making the product that led to its wearing out and failure, then you don’t have a warranty claim! How many homeowners really want to fight that fight?

No one does! So, sadly, most homeowners just keep paying to replace their roofs, long before the warranty expires.

Fact is, the roof is not a pretty place to be. Roofing materials take a real beating from rain, sun, wind, snow, ice, and hail. Common sense tells you when you look at a roofing material whether it can really stand up to the abuse it will endure. Oils evaporate, granules wear off, tiles crack, plastic warp and discolor. Metal roofing, though, has stood the test of time – unlike any other materials.

That’s why at Green American Home we offer an incredible warranty that is completely non-pro-rated for the original purchaser and all other owners during 40 years. It covers things that could go wrong with a metal roof including most specifically failure of the coating. It even covers fade and chalk as well as winds up to 120 mph and damage from hail that leads to leaks or perforation. And, it covers materials and labor if roof repair or replacement is necessary – we won’t just drop new product off in your driveway!

We are happy to email you a copy of our warranty upon your request – you will find that it has common sense language and is very clear and easy to understand. As is the case with all building materials, the original workmanship in installing your Green American Home roof will be warranted by your installation contractor. (Our warranty does not cover damage of any kind resulting from improper installation.) You should request a copy of the installation workmanship warranty prior to entering into any contract.

We provide a warranty of this level and coverage because our products are proven and produced carefully to our exacting standards.