Thermadeck Radiant Barrier

Reduce Your Energy Costs with Superior Ventilation and Reflection

When it is time to re-roof your home, consider more than protection from the elements, but savings on energy as well. ThermaDeck takes care of the sun’s heat before it enters the house keeping utility bills low.

Typical temporary roofing such as asphalt shingles, absorb the sun’s heat, holds on to it and draws it into the home’s attic, structure, and even living space. The result is a hotter home, overloaded air cooling system, and higher energy bills! The ThermaDeck Roofing System’s unique radiant and insulation barrier blocks the sun’s intense heat before it enters your attic and vents it back where it belongs—outside.

Energy Efficient Radiant Heat Barrier

Tested and documented by the Department of Energy at their famous Oak Ridge National Laboratory facility, ThermaDeck creates a reflective and insulated ventilation chamber directly beneath your roof deck. This ventilated air chamber traps absorbed heat from the sun. By bringing in fresh air through the overhangs of your roof, ThermaDeck utilizes natural convective airflow to continually bathe the underside of your roof deck with fresh air, exhausting the captured heat out through a ridge vent. This results in a naturally cooler attic as well as reduced air conditioning loads and costs.

Benefits in Every Season

Attic Insulation for Benefits in Every Season

In snow and ice climates, ThermaDeck has an additional benefit of creating a “cold roof” which eliminates the hot spots on your roof that can result from inadequate attic ventilation or insulation. By eliminating those hot spots, the snow load on your roof melts evenly and avoids the dangerous and sometimes damaging “ice dam” effect that occurs when melted snow hits the cold overhangs on your home. This protects your roof and your home investment.

Improved Ventilation

Easy Installation and Improved Ventilation

ThermaDeck is custom-fitted to be installed over your home’s rafters. The roof deck is then installed over ThermaDeck along with your new roofing material. There is also an optional way to install without removing your home’s existing roof deck. The end result, though, is the same – an insulated and reflective chamber that captures the heat absorbed by your roof and uses natural convective airflow to send it back to the outside where it belongs!