A Workbench for Your Roofing Project

Every Green American Home needs a space to work on projects, and here’s a virtual workbench for your use in researching and buying a better, sustainable roof. On this space, we’ve placed some of our best tools that we hope you will pick up and use. You don’t have to worry about an injury here, but not using the tools could be a mistake.

Roofing Needs Profiler

Before you even begin to talk with a contractor or plan your DIY project, use this to help identify what grade of roofing and what types of materials could be best for your home, and your environment

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In a popular question and answer format, and loaded with tons of articles, this is a great tool for getting your roofing questions answered before they become headaches. Todd really does want to help and would appreciate the opportunity to talk with and advise homeowners BEFORE they make a roofing mistake.

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The Homeowners Guide To Roofing

Read our Homeowner’s Guide to Roofing and you’ll get valuable tools and information you’ll need to pick the right roofing product and hire the best contractor to install your home’s new roof.

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Metal Roofing Visualizer

Find out exactly which style and color from our product line will look like on your home. While every color and style is green, some will just look better than others. No graphic arts degree required for use, but if you need help, you can simply ask us. We’ll make quick work of it.

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